No bees, no honey;
no work, no money.

Beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby, a profitable sideline, or a full-time occupation. You may want to keep bees for the delicious fresh honey they produce, for the benefits of their valuable services as pollinators, or perhaps simply for the enjoyment of learning more about one of nature’s most interesting insects.

Almost anyone can keep bees. Honey bees normally only sting to defend themselves or theircolony; when colonies are handled properly and precautions are taken, stinging is not a major problem. Most beekeepers develop a tolerance for bee venom over time and have reduced sensitivity to pain and swelling. However, the few people who react strongly to bee stings and pollen or who are unable to get over fears of stings should avoid contact with bees.

Most beekeepers in Slovenia are hobbyists. Beekeeping is generally considered a minor industry. However, because of its interrelationship with agriculture and dependency of growers of several commodities on honey bee pollination, beekeeping is much more important than merely thevalue of the beeswax and honey produced annually.
This manual is all about beekeeping—understanding honey bee biology, getting started, managing bee colonies for fun and/or profit—and is designed to help you become a successful beekeeper.

In the last few years more and more people have become interested in beekeeping. Many of them like me see beekeeping as a form of entertainment and relaxation. There are more and more of us who do not have any professional education in beekeeping but have general knowledge and just sheer love for nature. In short, beekeeping and bees represent the best kind of medication for all the stress and problems we experience in our fast-paced world.

I decided to do a web page as a result of the encouragement given by my beekeeping colleagues. My goal is to present the behives and beekeeping technology via my homepage.

I was also encouraged in setting up my homepage by a Chinese proverb that states "you become a man when you have a son, plant a tree and write a book." I have been successful in the first two areas and as far as the third rule goes - come on people we live in the 21st century - what do you mean books - web pages are the way to go.

Take a look and welcome to the world of beekeeping.!!!

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